Jobs, prosperity and success = better schools, better roads and better government
Elect Jennifer Gaucher for Massachusetts State Representative
Jennifer Gaucher
The "Real" Republican choice for State Representative

I look forward to the opportunity to be an accessible and active representative of the 5th Worcester District and to address the continually changing needs of my constituents, their towns and their schools.

Creating jobs is imperative to growing the state economy in Massachusetts. People and businesses that are prospering are the backbone of a successful economy.

I will work to support economic growth which will allow us to realign and reallocate revenues to more adequately fund our schools and make improvements to our roads and infrastructure.

As a lifelong Spencer resident and long time small business owner, I am living proof that success is the result of hard work, personal responsibility and pride in ourselves, our communities and our country. As your 5th Worcester District State Representative, I want us all to prosper and succeed.

I will vote in the best interest of freedom, liberty, individual responsibility, fiscal responsibility, free markets and adherence to the Constitution.

Jen's Top 10
  1. Are you fed up with career politicians ignoring the wishes of the people?
  2. Do you want to keep more of the money that you earn?
  3. Do you want a business person instead of a bureaucrat to represent the 5th Worcester District?
  4. Do you believe that education budgets should benefit children first?
  5. Do you believe that prospering and successful businesses will grow our economy?
  6. Do you believe that state government must incentivize job creation in Massachusetts by reducing taxation and reducing regulation?
  7. Do you want better roads and infrastructure?
  8. Do you believe that you should be able to choose your own health insurance?
  9. Do you believe that government policies should empower people?
  10. Do you believe that your personal SOCIAL choices should not be infringed upon?
If your ANSWER is YES to ANY of these QUESTIONS,
Jobs, prosperity and success = better schools, better roads and better government
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