Jobs, prosperity and success = better schools, better roads and better government
Elect Jennifer Gaucher for Massachusetts State Representative


My name is Jennifer Gaucher. I am the only “Real” Republican campaigning for state representative in the Massachusetts 5th Worcester District. My political philosophy has been molded and shaped through the eyes of the private sector as a small business owner. I previously owned a restaurant for 13 years and I currently have a landscape business and commercial insurance inspection business. I live and work in the 5th Worcester District and would be honored to serve in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

My motive for running has been driven by many years of observations and experience.

GOVERNMENT is too big. It has become an invasive, intrusive impediment to our Freedom, our prosperity and our success. The encroachment and expansion of government is the antithesis of Freedom.

Like an octopus, its tentacles reach into our healthcare, into our education, into our bedrooms, into our businesses, into our gas tanks and into our wallets!

We are Americans; we love Freedom and the United States is the greatest country in the world because of our liberties! I cherish my American liberties and as a Patriot it is imperative that I now step forward to defend my state and my country from a government that has breached its boundaries.

As a landscaper I want to aggressively prune back Government like I prune back out of control bushes and shrubs.

Jen's Credentials

MBA, Nichols College, Dudley, MA, 2001
BA, Clark University, Worcester, MA, 1995
Licensed Massachusetts Construction Supervisor
Hoisting Engineer License 2A
Class A CDL License
Class A, License to Carry Firearms
Spencer Selectman 2003-2006
Member of Spencer Fish & Game
Member of Village Toastmasters
Jobs, prosperity and success = better schools, better roads and better government
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